The pace of life tends to slow down during the summer months. It’s vacation time – time for family picnics, and get-togethers, across the street and across the globe.

Your employees need some vacation time to clear their heads and re-energize, but what do business owners do when key personnel take their vacations? How do you fill a critical void for up to two weeks?

Split vacation time for key employees. Many employees get two weeks vacation time a year. Some get even more.  Try to split up those vacation weeks with key employees so you’re not operating under stress for up to two weeks straight. It may not be possible, but if the employee is willing to take a week in winter and a week in summer, it can have less of an impact on day-to-day business operations.

Train the right replacement. If the vacationing employee is the head of accounting, choose a trusted member of the accounting department to fill in while your department head is enjoying some down time.  Ask your key employees to train their replacements a couple of weeks before the departure date so clients, vendors, customers and other business associates don’t even notice that your key salesperson is off work.

Locate all essential files, materials, invoices and other “must-have” paperwork. Your key staffers will know what’s coming up while they’re away. Ask them to show their replacements where the latest contract is stored, and where the standard non-disclosure agreement is kept.  Prepare a list of key documents and print out important documents so they’re readily available.

Create temporary passwords for secure computers and servers. Access to stored data is essential to most businesses. Assign new, temporary passwords to the vacationer’s password-protected files.  Then, simply change back the password when your key employee returns.

Make sure you have the vacationer’s complete contact information. Then, try not to use it. Where will they be staying? What’s their personal cell phone number?  Gather all contact information, store it safely and then do your best NOT to use it. That key employee needs some time away from the workplace. If you call daily, your employees are reminded of work problems when they should be relaxing with loved ones.

Get the information with the understanding that it’ll be used only in a real emergency.

The key to smooth business operations during the summer vacation season is careful planning, collecting key information and giving your employees some well-deserved time away from work.  So, give your key employees the time they’ve earned and eliminate business interruptions with careful preparation.

Who knows? You may even get a postcard.


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