The mail your business sends and receives includes information that deserves special attention. For example, information on incoming statements and outgoing checks like account numbers and balances can be valuable to thieves. Here are some ideas to help keep your mail secure:

Sending Mail

  1. Use checks that are tamper-resistant.*
  2. Print checks using a computer or write them in ink that can’t be easily washed away.*
  3. Instead of placing mail in an outgoing mail receptacle or mailbox, use a post office collection box. Visit the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) website to find the location nearest you.

Receiving Mail

  1. Consider renting a post office box or private mailbox. This way your mail (and UPS® or FedEx® shipments if you choose a private mailbox) will be received more securely.
  2. Invest in a postmaster-approved locking mailbox. Be sure to select one that will allow enough room for the mail carrier to insert your usual volume of mail. Then, only distribute keys to individuals within your organization who absolutely need them.
  3. If you use a mailbox that does not lock, take extra precautions. Do not leave mail you receive in your mailbox any longer than necessary. If your business will be closed for a period of time, like during a holiday break, make sure your mail is picked up. And if you see suspicious individuals around your mailbox, contact the post office or the police.
  4. If you are expecting a check or other piece of valuable mail and do not receive it, contact the sender. Ask them to stop payment on a check if you think it has been stolen.
  5. If you believe your mail has been stolen, contact your postmaster.
  6. If you suddenly stop receiving mail, it is possible that someone filed a change of address for your business. Contact your post office to find out.
  7. If you move or change your address, notify the post office and anyone that you do business with in advance.

For more on USPS services, such as post office boxes and changes of address, visit their website at

*For more information about tamper-resistant checks and ink, view Nevada state Bank’s on-demand webinar featuring Frank Abagnale (videos 3 and 4).


The information provided is presented for general informational purposes only and does not constitute tax, legal or business advice.