Your products, financing, and business management play a crucial role in the success of your company, but your employees also help shape your company and contribute to its success.  The work atmosphere you create can be important in retaining your workers and fostering their professional growth.

A recent study conducted by Sodexo reveals employers who provide an environment that allows employees to continue their professional development, while providing the tools and resources to achieve personal well-being, tend to have more productive and engaged workers. Its “2012 Workplace Trends Report” shows that many workers also consider companies that encourage employees to stay healthy and lead an active lifestyle to be the best places to work.

“We studied research over the last year to understand what issues are top of mind for our clients and what are the benchmarks in the overall market,” said Rachel Permuth-Levine, senior director of outcomes-based research and solutions for Sodexo. “Our team predicts these trends are the direct link to designing environments that enhance individual performance, foster collaboration, and contribute to the well-being of employees – it’s the workplace of the future.”

To achieve these goals, focus on a few key areas to provide incentives and benefits to employees:

1. Professional development
Training courses, seminars, tutorials and workshops not only help employees become more educated and productive, but may also help you effectively train more workers to take on bigger tasks.

2. Health and well-being programs
Subsidized gym memberships, healthy delivery food options for weekly lunches, and even incentivized contests and programs for maintaining a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in making employees feel satisfied and fulfilled in their position. Employers who offer health benefit programs may also have a stake in the well-being of employees and save money by fostering a healthy atmosphere.

3. Workplace flexibility
Lastly, offering employees flexibility when it comes to their schedules and telecommuting options may make them more productive and loyal, according to a study from Staples Advantage. The results show 86 percent of telecommuters report being more productive in their home offices, and 76 percent say they are more loyal due to their telecommuting options.

By following these guidelines, you may increase the value of your company’s most important asset – your employees.


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