A business is only as good as those operating it. That starts with the business owner, but having the right team is just as critical. Many businesses today are having a tough time finding the help they need, so keep these recruitment tips in mind if you are looking to build the ideal team.

1. Pay Competitively

One of the best ways to attract talent is a competitive salary. Skilled workers know what they’re worth, so don’t skimp on salary in today’s tight job market. Do your best to find out what a typical wage is for the position you're hiring for, and try to match it or offer a higher wage, particularly if the role is for a skilled position. And, if you have the opportunity after careful review to hire a valuable person, don't hesitate.

2. Tout Flexibility

For many workers, flexibility is just as important, or even more important, than salary. While many were already looking for flexibility in their jobs before the pandemic, this factor is now an even bigger draw as employees have gotten used to working from home. If you have positions that can be handled remotely, even part of the time, make sure your job listings and conversations emphasize this.

3. Try Out Trial Hiring

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if a candidate is really the right fit before hiring them. Trial hiring is a great way to test them out without making a major commitment. This can even benefit the candidate, who will have a better idea of what the job really entails before they decide to come aboard. "This route requires proper business etiquette and clear rules and boundaries," notes Bennett Conlin at Business News Daily.1 “If you bring someone on for a project or two, be sure to compensate them for their work, even if you don't hire them [permanently]."

4. Offer Benefits and Perks

Benefits and perks can be great recruiting tools. If you are able to offer health insurance and a 401(k) plan with matching, these can go a long way. However, those types of benefits can get pricey, so be sure to pencil out what your current costs will be and try to estimate and budget for future cost increases. However, even smaller perks can provide a great draw without busting your budget. Free Pizza Fridays, employee discounts on merchandise you sell, or extra days off for holidays can be attractive to prospective team members without costing a lot. 

5. Interview with Enthusiasm

If you are passionate about your business, let this shine through during an interview. Explain why it’s a great place to work. Candidates also want to know that the business they are going to work for has a solid plan and a good leader, so it's important that you convey your company's mission and your vision for the future.

Workers today are more choosey than ever about where they want to work. If they don't think you can make it worth their while, you risk losing great talent to another business, which may even be your competitor. Keep these tips in mind as you build your team.

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