When you’re at work, there will be days you feel great: positive and optimistic. Other days, when things don’t go right, you may lack energy, enthusiasm, drive – all essential traits that can help move businesses forward.

So, what can you do to maintain a positive attitude at work? And what can you do to maintain a positive attitude among staff  and co-workers – the people tasked with adding value to your business?

1. Focus on what went right

As we review our day’s activities, we tend to focus on the challenges and negatives, chalking up the day’s successes to “the way things should be” instead of appreciating them. Exude a positive outlook, and that positive energy should spread. Praise employees and co-workers who made things “right.” Celebrate when strategies and tactics pay off.

2. Do something nice for someone else

A “well done” and a pat on the back can make you feel good, and it makes an employee or co-worker feel GREAT!  A small reward, like a gift card from the local coffee shop, is another gesture that can improve morale. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a staff member feel good and stay positive.

3. Know when to leave

You can put in 16-hour days for a little while, but over time that schedule can wear you down. A heavy workload may change your attitude from excitement to weariness when you walk into the office. Take off time for family. Take off time for fun. Take off time to sit quietly and reflect on the accomplishments that have brought you to your current position. Reward yourself with “me” time – time you spend doing the things you want to do.

And by all means, take a vacation each year.* Turn off the smart phone, disconnect the computer and unplug the TV. Spend the time appreciating all the wonderful things you have – from good health, to a happy family, to a company that’s growing.

4. Fill free time reading inspirational books, articles and other motivational content

No, things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes, a business initiative may fail, but that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. When challenges overwhelm you, take time to learn from those who have been through what you’re experiencing. There’s plenty of information online on how to maintain a positive attitude, including personal perspectives that have worked for others.

5. Leave work at work

Many people take work problems home with them. They may dwell on the negatives, going over negative comments or outcomes again and again. Learn to walk away. The problems and challenges may still be there tomorrow, but taking a step back can help you look at the situation with a refreshed perspective.

6. Congratulate yourself

Don’t be shy. Don’t be modest. When your initiative works out and delivers positive results, give yourself credit for a job well done. You deserve it. It makes you feel good – positive – about yourself.  And that positive energy may spread to those around you and energize them.

Your attitude may affect your work, workplace relationships, employee morale, and, ultimately, the level of success a business achieves. Yes, things may go wrong in any business operation, but a positive attitude can go a long way to turning negatives into positives.


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