If you're still processing your own payroll and issuing paper checks, you’re probably not taking advantage of all the options that are available today. Online payroll solutions1 can save you valuable time and lessen the chance of errors in your payroll and taxes. You might even find that outsourcing your payroll duties may free up valuable time you can use to build your business.

Many companies have complaints about doing their payroll in-house. According to the National Federation of Independent Business,2 the top five complaints are:

  • too many deadlines to keep track of
  • employee misclassification problems
  • generating W-2s with errors
  • calculating unemployment taxes
  • handling garnishments and levies

Keeping track of deadlines in particular can be daunting. There are deadlines for tax withholding, payments, and reports to state and federal agencies. When deadlines are missed or there are errors to deal with, major problems can arise. Rather than chasing deadlines, small business owners could make better use of their time helping the business thrive and keeping the cash flowing.

Tax-related issues, such as W-2 filings and unemployment tax calculation, can also put a strain on a business owner trying to handle payroll on top of their other duties. As the NFIB notes, unemployment systems vary from state to state, and this be tricky if the business employs workers in multiple states. This is just one area where errors can occur and cause other time-consuming issues.

The garnishments and levies rate may not be something you've had to deal with, but it can be a real challenge if you ever do, because it creates extra work that you have to manage.

Dealing with payroll can be an enormous burden, but your bank can do some of the heavy lifting for you. Nevada State Bank Payroll Services can help with online direct deposit and the ability to make tax payments.

Nevada State Bank clients can sign up for a payroll card service3 allowing them to reload employees’ debit cards each payday. This can be especially helpful for unbanked employees who might otherwise have to pay for check-cashing services.

Another option for Nevada State Bank customers is payroll processing through Paychex®4 or ManagedPAY.5 These third-party providers offer a variety of optional payroll solutions:

  • Full-Service Payroll includes phone-in and fax-in payroll processing, dedicated payroll specialists, and full tax compliance and filing.
  • Business Online Payroll offers self-service payroll processing, payroll tax payments and filing, all with support from the team of payroll specialists.
  • Full-service payroll processing can also include optional HR services such as new-employee onboarding.

To help you make informed choices, contact a Nevada State Bank representative to discuss payroll options for your business that fit your needs and your budget.


1. Products and services may be subject to applicable contracts, agreements, or credit approval. Fees may apply. See bank for details.

2. https://www.nfib.com/content/resources/money/payroll-processing-the-5-biggest-complaints/

3. Payroll Card services are offered directly by Skylight Financial®, Inc. Skylight® and PayOptionsTM are trademarks of Skylight Financial, Inc. Nevada State Bank is not affiliated with Skylight and does not provide, warrant, or guarantee Skylight products or services. Subject to approval by Skylight Financial.

4. Full payroll services are offered directly by Paychex. Nevada State Bank is not an affiliate of Paychex and does not provide, warrant, or guarantee Paychex products or services.

5. Full payroll services are offered directly by Payroll Systems of Nevada, Inc. and Managed Business Services, Inc. d/b/a ManagedPAY. Nevada State Bank is not an affiliate of ManagedPAY and does not provide, warrant, or guarantee ManagedPAY products or services.