Hiring is not easy these days, as many companies across the country have found. On top of losing long-time employees to what news outlets have dubbed "The Great Resignation," getting fresh hires in the door to fill key positions has been a major challenge. Following are five key benefits that might help give your company an edge.

Retirement Plans

According to Zippia's 2022 Job Seeker Report, 46 percent of jobseekers consider a retirement plan to be one of the most important benefits they seek from an employer.1 Offering a 401(k) with an employer match program can help you attract valuable talent.

"In today’s workforce, it’s becoming the norm to expect certain benefits such as retirement and healthcare," says Dan Marzullo at Zenefits.2 "From an employer's perspective, offering a 401(k) can give you that extra edge to stand out among your competitors. Attractive benefits are now a must. Employers also have the ability to use retirement perks as incentives. Many organizations tie their contributions to specific goals, and when employees meet these benchmarks they are rewarded by increases in their 401(k) contribution. Depending on how you choose to structure your benefits program, they can be used to incentivize performance, which ultimately helps the company succeed."

As the sponsor of a retirement plan, your company will need professional advisors who should be able to evaluate your company’s retirement program needs, make recommendations for products and services, and periodically assess the health of your investment program. Because retirement plan sponsors have important fiduciary obligations, your advisory team can assist in preparation and annual review of an Investment Policy Statement and help you document plan decisions.3


Healthcare benefits are among the most sought after by job candidates. With the pandemic becoming an ever-present force in our daily lives, the likelihood of getting sick is higher than ever, and health insurance is expensive. For many employees, particularly those supporting families, good health insurance is one of the most important aspects of having a job.

Offering a quality healthcare plan can help you hire and retain loyal employees. Productivity may also increase, as workers are able to take care of themselves and stay healthy. Their morale may also improve if they enjoy the peace of mind that comes with coverage.


Flexibility is a big draw for potential hires. The days of punching the clock from 9 to 5 are all but gone. Workers want to be able to have more control over their schedules and how much they're able to work from home. The pandemic has increased such desires among a workforce uncertain of whether their kids are going to be learning from home from one week to the next. We live in hectic times, and the more accommodating you can be as an employer, the more attractive your company will be to a job candidate.

Remote Work

Flexibility is one thing, but many people are most interested in working from home, so if you have positions that allow full-time remote work, this is bound to be a major draw. The more your company is able to accomplish with remote work, the better off you'll be during uncertain times. If you need to close your offices, at least some percentage of operations can carry on. This has benefits for both the employee and the employer.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off is another sought after benefit. Employees don't want to only get paid for the days they work. They want to know they have additional time to use for personal reasons without having to miss out on their paycheck. This is particularly valuable to a parent dealing with pandemic-related school closures, for example.

"There are many different policies companies might have regarding how their PTO (paid time off) works," explains the editorial team at Indeed.4 "One of the more common methods businesses use is accruing hours within a ‘bank’. The longer an employee works, the more hours they build up within the bank. Once they accrue enough hours, they can withdraw them as needed for PTO. Employers often provide a rollover policy that allows accrued PTO hours to carry over into the following year if they remain unused."

In 2022, workers are demanding that employers meet their needs. They want jobs that fit them and help them improve their own living situations. The more you can offer beyond the paycheck, the better luck you're likely to have hiring valuable employees who will stick with you for the long term.

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