Clark County accounts for 71.2 percent of Nevada’s population; Washoe County for an additional 15.3 percent. With the state’s two most populous counties combining for 87 percent of the state’s population base, perhaps it is only appropriate that the majority of the discussion surrounding Nevada’s economy be focused on Clark and Washoe counties. That said, Nevada’s rural economies should not be overlooked. Mining, agriculture and some emerging industries have helped a number of Nevada’s rural communities prosper during difficult economic times.

Nevada’s lowest rate of unemployment – 5.7 percent – can be found in Lander County. With a population base approaching 6,000, Lander County has only 260 active job seekers. The County’s unemployment rate has remained under 6.0 percent for the past seven consecutive months, a period in which its employment base expanded by 7.4 percent. Lander County’s largest employers include Cortez Gold Mines, Newmont Mining Company, the Lander County School District and John Davis Trucking.

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