Nevada State Bank is actively conducting its annual Small Business Survey right now, with the assistance of the Applied Analysis research team.  You can be an active participant by taking a few minutes to respond if you get the call.

We want to know what business leaders in Nevada are thinking, the top challenges they face, and what they predict for the coming year. Information plays a valuable role in strategic planning and decision making for this year and beyond. You can download the 2019 Survey at the bottom of this page, and also register now to receive a copy of the 2020 Nevada State Bank Small Business Survey Report. Now in its seventh year, the survey is designed to help business leaders understand trends, share insights, and plan for the future.

It's available as a free download. Register on this page, and you'll be first to receive an email with a link to the 2020 Small Business Survey Report as soon as it's available.

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We’re happy to share these survey results with you as part of our ongoing commitment to helping Nevada businesses thrive and grow. To learn more about how we can help your company open the door to a bright future, drop by any branch, visit us online at, or call us at 855-580-NVSB.

It Matters Who You Share Insights With – It Matters Who You Bank With®;


Click on an image below to view previous Nevada State Bank Small Business Surveys:

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