There’s a distinct challenge to recruiting the best and brightest for your company. Chances are, they’re already happily employed by someone else!

So what’s the key to attracting top-tier talent? Use some out-of-the-box recruiting to flush them out of hiding.

Tap the circle. You probably have 20 to 30 people in your personal network who might know the right person. Start with a search of your e-mail contact list. Next, have your top performers do the same, asking for people they have worked with, for, or around, who might be your future stars.

Offer finders fees. Typically, the referring individual gets half of the bounty at the new employee’s 90-day mark, with the balance paid at the six-month anniversary. Widen the circle by extending the offer to suppliers and customers.

Network. You network to get new customers. Why not network to attract top employees?

Teach a business course at your local community college where you can interact with prospective job applicants. And don’t forget your chambers of commerce and job fairs that are often sponsored by local organizations, such as Rotary.

Advertise in fresh places. If you go the traditional help-wanted classifieds route, try placing some ads in out-of-town media serving areas of high unemployment.

Head online. The Web works wonders for finding star employees, reaching more people in less time and attracting more computer-savvy applicants. Sites such as also provide access to tools that allow you to pre-screen applicants, conduct skills testing online and manage the HR process.

Post it yourself. Of course, you can also attract web-surfing jobseekers with an ad posted on your company website (just use a direct link like "Jobs," "Career," etc.). An added dimension to this method is that jobseekers also learn about the company before applying.

Join a community. Basically, go where the type of person you are seeking tends to congregate online. Use a search engine to look up the name of the function, industry, interest or location that you are targeting, along with a phrase such as "mailing list," "networking group," "community," etc. Yahoo has a comprehensive list of association websites by industry.

Use online tools. Online services such as infoGISTTM allow you to search multiple resume banks and databases simultaneously. You can use job distribution companies such as eQuest, AIRS Oxygen and GoJobs to broadcast your job description to several job-listing sites simultaneously.

Finding – and keeping – quality employees can be one of the most trying and frustrating experiences in running a business. Make sure you’re utilizing up-to-date recruiting methods so that you’re finding the superstars you need!

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