By Gladys Edmunds

Dear Gladys,

I have an engineering company that has been doing quite well in the six years that I have owned it. I bought the company from a family member who had gone into bankruptcy due to poor management. I am preparing to remarry and my soon-to-be-wife insists on going to Hawaii for a honeymoon. I am very nervous about leaving my business in the hands of my employees while I take a vacation. I know that at some point I have to take a vacation, but I’m not sure how to prepare in such a way as to not worry while I’m gone.

Thanks – L.S.

Don’t think that you are alone in this. I have a friend who works for an entrepreneur and he is scared to go on vacation for fear that when he returns, his job will have been given to someone else. I can’t make any helpful suggestions to my friend. But because I also once had to figure out how to go on vacation and leave the company in the hands of the employees, I can share what I do, along with what my friend Marta does when she goes away from her business.

First, you need a staff of people that you can trust. In other words, you had an interview process in place that allowed you to hire the best people for your business. Going away and leaving your business begins with having responsible and trustworthy people in place.

Next, you should consider what possibilities might arise while you are away and put things and people in place. I usually leave a few signed checks and a credit card with my bookkeeper in case a check needs to be written or purchases need to be made. She alone has access to these things. I feel certain that she will only use the checks or the credit card in the event of an emergency.

Next, decide on who your best employee is to handle any challenge that might arise from client, vendor, or staff person. And allow that person to be the “go to” person for staff, clients and even vendors. You cannot leave your business without a responsible decision maker in place.

Make a point to be reachable and check in on a regular basis. It’s important to let your employees know that you can be reached if necessary.

My friend Marta uses an app called Voxer® that operates like a walkie-talkie and offers recorded voices, text, and photos along with other amenities. According to Marta, it works both globally and locally. She used it when she was vacationing in Turkey and she uses it when she has to be away at conferences.

Keep in mind that when the boss goes on vacation, this is also a time when your employees can have anxiety and unnecessary concerns. You can put them at ease, as well as yourself, by putting the right people or technology in place while you are away.

At age 15 Gladys developed a travel service that would prosper for more than 30 years. She is a national award winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and columnist.

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