The Elko County economy has returned to a period of stabilization amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with many metrics recovering or exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Employment in June 2021 dipped 1.1 percent over the month, but the county’s 27,332 jobs total was 6.4 percent higher than in June 2020 and higher than all but one month in 2019. The county’s monthly unemployment rate increased slightly from 3.2 percent to 3.5 percent in June, a decrease of 1.6 percentage points compared to a year ago.

After reaching near-record levels in April and May, taxable retail sales in Elko County declined to $146.1 million in June, a 9.1 percent decrease from the prior month but 3.4 percent higher from a year ago. On a trailing 12-month basis, taxable retail sales reached $1.7 billion, 7.3 percent higher than last year and an all-time high.

Gross gaming revenues in Elko County dropped to $29.0 million in June 2021, 13.3 percent lower over the month but 16.3 percent higher on the year. Gaming revenues on a trailing 12-month basis reached a record high of $334.1 million, an increase of 33.0 percent over the past year and a reflection of pent-up demand and higher incomes supported by federal stimulus payments.

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