Long-term economic trends in Elko County remain largely positive, following the trajectory of the rest of the state in most respects. As of July 2019, employment in Elko County had increased by 1.6 percent year-over-year. While this is roughly half of Nevada’s nation-leading 3.1 percent employment growth rate, it is nearly identical to the national average of 1.5 percent. Despite the increase in employment, Elko County’s unemployment rate increased from 3.3 percent to 3.4 percent over the year as a result of a growing summer labor force. Even with this slight increase, the county’s unemployment rate remains one of the lowest in Nevada, tied for second behind Esmeralda County’s 3.1 percent rate and sitting well below the statewide rate of 4.5 percent.

The trailing 12-month total of taxable retail sales in Elko County has now shown positive growth for 18 straight months, reaching a total of nearly $1.6 billion in the 12 months through June 2019. The 4.0 percent growth for Elko County in the past 12 months trails statewide taxable sales growth of 6.0 percent, however, Elko County has not been aided by the same level of population growth experienced in other parts of the state.

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