The trend of strong, consistent job growth in Nevada continued through the summer and into the fall, leading an ongoing trend of positive economic news for the Silver State. Nevada added 42,100 jobs in October 2015 compared to the prior year, making it the sixth month of the year to surpass the 40,000-job mark. Seasonally adjusted statewide employment grew by 3.3 percent in the 12 months ending in October 2015, tying Nevada for the third-best job growth rate in the nation. Since mid-2014, Nevada has consistently ranked among the top four states in year-over-year job growth, which has not dipped below 3.0 percent since April 2014.

That track record of fast-growing employment pushed the statewide seasonally adjusted unemployment rate down to 6.6 percent in October 2015, its lowest level since July 2008 and less than half of the 13.7 percent peak in 2010. Yet Nevada’s unemployment rate remained among the highest in the country, trailing only West Virginia and New Mexico. Underlying this figure, however, is significant growth in the size of the labor force, which includes people who are working or actively looking for work. In October 2015, Nevada’s labor force expanded 2.5 percent over the previous October, a growth rate five times higher than the national level of 0.5 percent.

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