Nevada’s population growth is again near the top of the national rankings, as the state’s employment opportunities, business environment and other advantages are attracting thousands of new residents from across the United States and especially the West. That influx of residents is being felt throughout the economy, from increased employment to higher levels of consumer spending. Population growth is also impacting the state’s housing market, which finished 2017 with rising home values, climbing sales volumes and increasing homebuilding activity.

Home prices in Nevada appreciated by 11.6 percent over the year, the third-fastest growth among all states, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s House Price Index (HPI) for the fourth quarter of 2017. The Las Vegas and Reno metropolitan areas each reported significant growth over the year, fueling Nevada’s strong showing. Las Vegas reported HPI growth of 12.6 percent, ranking fourth among the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas. Reno’s home values grew by 11.8 percent, ranking 17th out of all 403 U.S. metropolitan areas ranked in the House Price Index.

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