From 2003 to present, Education and Health Services has been the only sector in southern Nevada to demonstrate positive year-over-year growth in private employment every single month. The sector grew even through the economic downturn, and since 2007 it has added 21,658 jobs, more than any other sector. It has remained among the fastest-growing job sectors, recording year-over-year growth of 5 percent or better in each month since April 2015. That rate has accelerated in 2016 with year-overyear growth near or above 8 percent in each month through May, and the 8.2 percent growth recorded in that month ranked second behind only 12.4 percent growth in construction sector employment.

During this long period of consistent growth, Education and Health Services has become a larger share of the southern Nevada job base, growing from 7.7 percent in 2007 to 10.6 percent today. This trend is projected to continue into the coming decade with the addition of 20,000 jobs through 2030, according to the state demographer. Education and Health Services employment in Washoe County has also experienced a growth trend. Since 2007, the sector has expanded 15.6 percent with the addition of 3,200 jobs.

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