Southern Nevada has been the focus of Nevada’s economy for most of the past 50 years, but that appears to be changing. The state’s northwestern urban center – commonly known as the Reno-Sparks metropolitan statistical area (MSA) or Washoe County – has recently reported improved measures of economic performance and a number of high-profile projects, suggesting even stronger growth on the horizon may be possible.

It is easy, and accurate, to point to the $5.0 billion Tesla Gigafactory and Switch’s new $1.0 billion SuperNAP data center as evidence of northern Nevada’s economic renaissance. But there is more to it than that, and these admittedly impressive projects may very well be more the result of a fertile economic environment than the catalyst of change. Northern Nevada has all of the pro-business advantages long touted by the south, but it also has better-performing public schools, high quality of life measures and well-positioned economic assets like the 107,000-acre Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center.

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