The leisure and hospitality industry is the most important sector in Nevada, as it directly employs one out of every four workers across the state and generates nearly 20 percent of all worker wages. Given the tourism industry’s critical importance to the economic health of the state, its record-breaking performance in 2016 signals a positive year of growth and stability for both the industry and the overall economy of Nevada.

Las Vegas closed the year with an all-time high in visitation with 42.9 million visitors, which eclipsed the previous record of 42.3 million in 2015. Roughly 600,000 more visitors came to Las Vegas in 2016, marking the third consecutive year with a new visitation record for the region. Total visitation to Las Vegas received a significant boost from the convention segment. The year closed with more than 6.3 million trade show attendees, a new record that eclipsed the previous high of 6.2 million set in 2007. The rise in convention attendance coincided with strong growth in the number of conventions held. In the 12 months through November 2016 (latest data available), the number of trade shows in Las Vegas climbed to 22,130, up 6.0 percent from the previous year.

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