In the years since the Great Recession, Nevada’s year-end economic prognosis was usually a mixed bag. As the state gradually rebuilt from the economic rubble, any positive signs of improvement tended to get overshadowed by negative overall trends. That changed in 2014 as the state economy finally showed across-the-board gains and transitioned from a period of recovery to one of stability and growth. That transition was evident in the many economic vital signs that not only grew in 2014 but actually reached or approached pre-recession levels.

Historically, the hallmark of Nevada’s economic strength was evident in its population growth. Year after year, the Silver State sat atop the list of fastest-growing states as people voted with their feet in search of economic opportunity. In the wake of the recession, population growth slowed and even reversed as the state lost residents in 2009 and 2011. Yet in 2014, Nevada was back in familiar territory near the top of nationwide population growth rankings. Its 1.7-percent growth rate was second only to North Dakota, which has topped the list three years running thanks to its oil fracking boom.

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February 2015 Economic Briefing