Wages are an important indicator of economic health, as they are a key component of consumer spending, the primary driver of economic activity. For workers in Nevada and across the United States, wages have been steadily rising amid falling unemployment during the second-longest economic expansion in the country’s history. Nationally, wages in February 2019 grew by 3.1 percent over the past year, a healthy amount that was dwarfed by the 8.2 percent wage growth in Nevada.

Rapid growth in statewide wages is more notable given the simultaneous rise in both population (2.1 percent) and employment (3.5 percent), both areas where Nevada leads the nation. With large increases in population and workforce, one would generally expect wages to grow more slowly, given the rising availability of workers. However, the demand for labor in Nevada has been strong and the unemployment rate falls. Nevada’s 8.2 percent wage growth in February 2019 ranked second among all states, trailing only Wyoming.

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