Your business credit card is a crucial component in keeping your business and personal finances separate, but that's just the beginning. Credit cards offer many other advantages to business owners. Are you getting the most out of your company’s credit card? Here are some benefits you may not have considered.

1. Get alerts about card activity

Purchase Alerts can notify you about certain purchases made with your card so you can monitor your account and respond to potential fraud. Receive these alerts by text message or by email. Specify your alert criteria, such as purchase amounts, online transactions, foreign transactions, etc. Suspicious activity will then be spotted as quickly as possible.

When you use a credit card from Nevada State Bank, you get access to Mobile Card Fraud Alerts. These come in the form of text messages that let you confirm transactions with a simple "yes" or "no" reply. Depending on your reply, the bank will approve the transaction or block it.

2. Track your spending

Your business credit card can help you track company spending. Pay attention to how much is being paid for different types of purchases, such as office supplies, travel, etc. This can help you identify areas where overspending may be a problem. It can also assist you in setting up a budget for the next year. Associated documents can help during tax time, as well.

3. Link to your software

Link your business credit card to your accounting software. Various applications – like QuickBooks, for example – will allow you to do this, and doing so can essentially automate the posting of credit card transactions, saving you the hassle of manual entry.

4. Get discounts on purchases

Nevada State Bank's card offerings come with discounts via Visa SavingsEdge1 with discounts and offers from a number of SavingsEdge partners. These include companies like Chevron,, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal,, and many more, including restaurants and hotel chains.

5. Investigate card options

Nevada State Bank offers several business credit card options, including Amazing Cash for Business, Amazing Rewards for Business, and Amazing Rate for Business. The bank also offers a commercial card option with even more benefits. The commercial card option comes with reporting and administrative tools to help you manage company-wide spending. You can limit categories of merchandise or types of suppliers, define credit limits for individual employees, and more.

No matter what business credit card option you choose, read up on the features the card has to offer so you know what's available and can make an informed decision.