Whether you’re launching a start-up, growing an up-and-coming business, or own an established enterprise, your local Chamber of Commerce wants to help your business grow – and quickly.

Nevada’s local Chambers of Commerce assist businesses across the state, delivering a long list of benefits including:

  • Networking opportunities in order to create business synergies, find lead prospects, and locate lower-cost vendors – all in one place.
  • Reputation building – Chamber of Commerce members are recognized for their corporate citizenship.
  • Business referrals.
  • Government advocacy to address laws and regulations that impact the Nevada business community.
  • Highly-focused marketing opportunities.
  • Publicity and brand-building name recognition.
  • Special events for members and the public living in the service region.
  • Professional development programs.
  • Business consultation and mentoring.
  • Participation on various Chamber governing boards to effect change within your business sphere.

The business of Nevada’s Chambers of Commerce is business – and that’s why you, as a business owner or manager, might want to become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce.

Integrate Your Company into the Local Business Community

While Nevada’s Chambers of Commerce deliver a long list of valuable benefits, the central focus of each branch is to develop a stronger, more expansive business base within the Chamber’s region.

Each Chamber maintains its own governing body that focuses on the particular needs of its members and prospective members.

If you join the Chamber of Commerce in your part of the state, you can enjoy many benefits. Access to events, luncheons, mentoring sessions, and other interactions are more accessible when the Chamber’s office is located in your area. Plus, you can integrate your business within the commercial sector of your region.

During a recent interview with Cara Clarke, Senior Director of Communications for the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Clarke explained, “Joining a Chamber of Commerce immediately connects your business to resources, relationships and representation. Chamber membership means you don’t have to go it alone – you have a partner to help you build connections and productive business relationships, access affordable resources and expertise, gain brand exposure to attract customers, and establish credibility in the community.”

“In addition,” Clarke explained, “Chambers of Commerce are strong advocates on behalf of employers and entrepreneurs in the halls of government, making sure the voice of small business is heard.

Save Money by Joining Your Chamber of Commerce

Most local Chambers of Commerce offer money-saving opportunities to the Nevada business community that can help offset your Chamber’s annual dues.

Chambers of Commerce often offer:

  • Lower-cost insurance for business operations and liability coverage.
  • Lower-cost health care at group rates, even if your business is just you.
  • Chamber member discounts from local businesses.
  • ANevadadrug card to save up to 75% on prescription medications.
  • Discounts on office supplies through local retailers.
  • Low-cost and free business counseling.
  • Chamber pet insurance.

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to see which cost-cutting benefits are available to your company.

Clarke describes some of the unique benefits offered by the Las Vegas Metro Chamber. “Just a few of the member benefits the Las Vegas Metro Chamber offers include a full-time government affairs team that represents the interests of our members at every level of government; a small-group health insurance plan that gives members access to affordable coverage for them and their employees; and our new JumpStart Vegas program to connect new startup companies with the resources they really need to attract customers and take root in our community.”

How to Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce is open to all businesses, and soon-to-be-businesses, within a specific geographic region.

Signing up is simple. You can attend a local Chamber get-together to meet the group’s leadership and members to decide whether the Chamber meets your business needs.  So, consider attending a Chamber event – a luncheon with guest speaker, or the annual business-to-business fair – to get a feel for how your business would fit into the group.

You can sign up in person at most Chamber events, or simply complete a form at one of the websites listed at the end of this article.

You can also give your local Chamber a call. They’ll be glad to set you up as a member over the telephone. All contact information is available on the Nevada Chamber of Commerce websites listed below.

Nevada Chambers of Commerce:

Elko Area Chamber of Commerce


Henderson Nevada Chamber of Commerce


Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce


Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce


The information provided is presented for general informational purposes only and does not constitute tax, legal or business advice.