In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to make the best use of all the assets your business has.  At your local bank, the managers in charge of your business banking relationship can be valuable resources, providing information and advice, not only about finances, but also about many other factors that can affect your company’s success.

Your Business Service Manager

At Nevada State Bank, “micro-businesses” (sole proprietorships or very small companies) are managed at the branch level, and their principal point of contact at the bank is likely to be the branch manager at their local branch.  As manager of the Rainbow office of Nevada State Bank in Las Vegas, Theresa Cody knows banking and banking services, and has many years of experience in the local business community.

“It’s important to develop a relationship with your branch manager, so that as your banker liaison, we can learn all about your business and work out solutions together,” Cody said.  “Our objective is to save business clients time and money by forming lasting relationships.  We visit the business’ location to develop a clearer understanding of their numbers and the procedures they already have in place, so we can work together to improve business performance.”  She pointed to a recent example. “Our analysis for a healthcare professional saved him $700 a month with better Merchant Services1 specifically tailored to his business model.”

Your branch manager knows the local community and business climate. They also know which services and products the bank offers to streamline business operations and possibly lower monthly costs for banking services.  The services delivered at the branch level extend far beyond business banking basics, according to Cody. “We engage business experts to assist in planning, looking at fraud protection, payroll solutions, Remote Deposit ™ access and merchant services,” she noted.

“The manager is involved in any interest or concern a business owner may have,” Cody explained, “whether it’s a loan1 request or a paperwork problem. Your manager is there to help with a quick telephone call or a face-to-face meeting to develop a long-term plan for success.  Many of our business clients bounce ideas off of us that might not even involve financing.”

Your Small Business Relationship Manager

Angela Bradley is a Small Business Relationship Manager (SBRM) in Nevada State Bank’s Reno/Carson City region.  “An SBRM supports and manages small businesses that have up to $5 million in annual sales, and may have loan needs  in the $150,000 to $1 million range,” Bradley explained.

“I realize our clients are very busy running their businesses, so I feel I should come to them to discuss their financing needs.  I like to visit my client’s office so I can better understand the ins and outs of each business model,” she said.  “That way, I can tailor solutions to help businesses run more efficiently and economically.  Nevada State Bank believes in the ‘old school’ approach to helping our business clients grow to profitability through a single point of contact.”

A local SBRM is more than a resource. She or he can be an ally in your business success.  “If I don’t have all the answers a client needs, I accompany that business owner to the expert at Nevada State Bank who does have the answers, but I’m right beside our client during the meeting,” Bradley explained.  “At a bigger bank, it might take 10 phone calls to find the right person with whom to speak, and you might not be able to visit with them face-to-face.”

SBRMs can provide analytic services relevant to your industry and the local market. These banking professionals also know other business leaders, lending options and banking services that may save you money and provide more payment gateways for customers at the local, regional and even global levels.

Stop by your local Nevada State Bank branch and introduce yourself to the manager there to see how he or she can help your business thrive and grow.  Nevada State Bank also maintains several Business Centers in both northern and southern Nevada to support the local business community with information, analysis and recommendations to improve business performance and add value to your company.  Your Business Center manager can introduce you to the relationship manager who’s the right fit for your company, so you can start making use of this valuable resource.

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