Watch analysis and insights from Jeremy Aguero in four videos covering important topics from the 2016 Nevada State Bank Small Business Survey report. Mr. Aguero, a principal of Applied Analysis and one of Nevada’s most respected economic analysts, sat down with Small Business Manager Jana Benton to provide additional background and bring viewers up to date on some of the issues featured in the report.

Outlook and Concerns (19 mins)

Mr. Aguero discusses some of the major concerns and challenges faced by Nevada small business owners, and provides his expert insights on the outlook for 2016 and beyond. 

The Economy (18 mins)

Although Nevada’s economy seems to be improving, many businesses still haven’t recovered from the recession. Mr. Aguero provides updated statistics for Nevada and the U.S.

Employment (18 mins)

Nevada employers report difficulties finding workers with the skills they need to fill job openings.  Mr. Aguero provides information on efforts to close the gap and improve the education system. 

Legislation (15 mins)

What state and local regulations are being considered that could affect Nevada businesses? What legislative issues are small business people most concerned about, and are their concerns warranted?

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Do you think Nevada’s economy is finally headed in the right direction? More than 61% of the business owners and managers we surveyed would agree with you. Nevada State Bank’s third annual Small Business Survey asked questions like this to get valuable insights into what Nevada business people think about important issues and how they plan to deal with them. We’re happy to share these survey results – and much more – with you. 

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